Small States

Although neither born, raised, trained, or working in one, I am studying the small state. My interest is in particular in the 'role' small states have been playing in international affairs over time, which puts my research at the intersection of International Relations, History, Law, and Economics. Studying small states collectively, as 'the small state' in international affairs, however, means that I am not focusing on any one particular state or region.

Currently, I am working on a book manuscript that investigates the 'rise and fall of the small state,' the waves of expansion and contraction in the number of small states over time.

In parallel, I have been working on article-length pieces that deal with small states.

  • -- With Alan Chong. "Introduction: the foreign policy power of small states." Cambridge Review of International Affairs, 23,3, (Sept. 2010):. 381-82
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East Asia

Northeast Asia.

Living in East Asia, I am actively involved in the discourses over regional, and especially Northeast Asian international political affairs. In my studies, I have recently targeted security issues on the Korean Peninsula and in the Northeast Asian region.

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Southeast Asia

A second area of study is Vietnam's external relations. Currently, I am engaged in a project that investigates European Union (EU)-Vietnamese-Germany diplomacy in the mid-1990s, where foreign affairs interfaced with domestic politics, procedural politics at the EU, and national strategy.

  • -- "The European Union, Vietnam, and Human Rights as Law: The Case of the 1995 Eu-Vietnam Framework Agreement and Its Human Rights Clause.." Asia Europe Jounal (Online first 2012).

US of America

The third main pillar of my research agenda is the USA. One focus has been US foreign policy, including American diplomatic history. Recently, I have started a project on the US as seen from abroad, which led to the publication of an edited volume on The World Views of the U.S. Presidential Election: 2008.

  • -- "Which Way to Take the American Dream? The US Elections of 2008 and 2010 as a Struggle for Political Ownership of the American Dream." Australasian Journal of American Studies. (Forthcoming 2012).
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International Law

Recently, I have been adding specific issues and topic of International Law as it interfaces with international political matters.

  • -- "International Criminal Law and Politics: Legal Standards Vs. Political Considerations." Review of International Law and Politics 7, no 26 (2011): 125 - 51.

Collaborative Projects

The Foreign Policy Power of Small States.

Together with Prof. Dr. Alan Chong at Nanyang Technical University's Rajaratnam School of International Studies I recently compiled a special section on small states for the Cambridge Review of International Affairs. The next step is to expand this project and into an edited volume. Comments and contributions are most welcome!

Foreign Policies and Diplomacies in Asia.

Currently, I am putting together an edited volume on the impact the rise of Asia on regional and international affairs. I'll be the sole responsible editor, but since I will be heavily relying on my assistant, Ms. Heeya Kim, and the support of the ICAS secretariat, the project is, in fact, a collaborative effort.

Please! Do send me a note if you have an idea for a collaborative project, wish to join an ongoing one listed here, or know of one in the works to which I may contribute.

The Publication Pipeline - Work in Progress

The Rise and Fall of the Small State

Currently, I am in the middle of writing a monograph on how the numbers of small states have been changing over the course of history. Since the Peace of Westphalia in 1648, the numbers of small states have been changings, at times quite dramatically. The core argument is that these changes are linked to the major structural changes in the states system.

Foreign Policies and Diplomacies in Asia

This edited volume looks at what impact the so-called Rise of Asia can have on the foreign policy and diplomatic strategies and procedures in the region.

World Views of the U.S. Presidential Election, 2012

This edited volume will continue a project that was started with a 2008 volume by the same title. Arguing that the American election for president has recently been becoming a global event, it will again bring together scholarship on various countries' perspectives on the international relevance and impact of the 2012 choice for US president.